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Our mission for the podcast is very simple: to help share  the stories of the trendsetters, innovators, givers, and best providers in Roanoke, Virginia. You know, the thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders who are impacting lives in our community. Our goal is to bring attention to the Roanoke area business, non-profits, and charities, and we want to help local business owners and executives learn better marketing, how to create great content, and to make huge, positive impact in our community.
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May 22, 2019

A graduate of Mary Baldwin College, Robin has been working for nonprofit agencies for most of her life. Robin started her nonprofit career managing a nonprofit foundation before becoming the Vice President of Planned Parenthood, and then she moved into the role she has served in now for over 21 years as the Chief Executive Officer for Child Health Investment Partnership (CHIP). CHIP seeks to pair pregnant and low-income mothers with a family case manager and community health nurse to help improve the health and school readiness of the child. Last year, the agency helped over 600 families. In her conversation with Hal, she explains more about how the agency is changing the lives of underserved children and families, the challenges she's faced with sharing her message, and she shares advice for running a successful nonprofit agency.

May 7, 2019

Meet Dawn Sandoval, who has been serving the homeless in the Roanoke Valley for over seven years. There are an estimated 300+ people in the Valley who are homeless—people who are living under bridges, camping in local parks, bathing in the river, and sleeping in alleys and doorways. Dawn started this ministry with her husband to help meet the physical and spiritual needs of people who are suffering from homelessness. In her conversation, she shares about what homelessness and what it looks like, how her ministry began and where her passion comes from, and advice for anyone who is striving to share their message.

Apr 9, 2019

Meet Mike Garrison, who has been in sales, business coaching, and strategic planning for over 20 years. Over his career, Mike has owned and sold multiple profitable business ventures and even been an international franchisor. In his conversation, he shares more about his experience with referral marketing, the biggest problem with referrals, how to make referrals work for you and your business, and he shares tips to help entrepreneurs and small business owners succeed.

Mar 26, 2019

Meet Jeff Keaton, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Renewanation. His organization’s mission is to transform culture by giving millions of children a biblical worldview, that is, an understanding how God views every area of life such as who God is, where the world came from and why we exist. In his conversation, Jeff talks about how he founded Renewanation, how to have the right motivation for starting a new organization, and he shares more about how he followed God’s vision for his life.

Mar 12, 2019

Cally Smith is one busy lady. Not only is she Vice President of Membership and Brand Strategy for the Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce, she also facilitates the Leadership Roanoke Valley programs, sits on the steering committee for the Young Professional Conference and the Board of Directors of the Rotary Club of the Blue Ridge-New Generations.... among other things. Cally is full of energy and advice for young professionals, and she shares her insights in this week’s podcast.

Feb 26, 2019

Guaranteed Rateis one of the country’s largest mortgage lending companies, and now they have a branch right here in Roanoke. Meet Will Blaylock and Jason Bialek, Associate VP and VP of Mortgage Lending. In this week’s podcast, they talk about the challenges of the ever-changing mortgage industry, the benefits of their company’s streamlined approach to the lending process, and why the personal touch remains an important part of doing business.

Feb 12, 2019

This week, we talk with Rick Morrison, who is the founder of Inspired Policing Solutions, a faith-based consulting and training organization that is geared towards organizational transformation for businesses, non-profits, and law enforcement agencies. In his conversation with us, Rick discusses where his passion comes from, how he moved from Police Captain to CEO/Founder, and he shares helpful tips for anyone considering starting a business.

Apr 17, 2018

This week, we talk to Meagan Cupka, Assistant Director of the Blue Ridge Land Conservancy. Meagan talks about the importance of land conservation in Southwestern Virginia, the fun of educating the next generation of environmental protectors, and the need to settle in for the long haul when it comes to land preservation.

Apr 10, 2018

Meet Tom Field, president of Berryfield Marketing and owner of Valley Business FRONT magazine. In this wide-ranging discussion, Tom talks about his local roots and his long career in marketing. He also looks at the pros and cons of the modern gig economy and shares the secrets of success for the modern entrepreneur.

Mar 27, 2018

This week on Roanoke Podcast For Good, Diane Rumbolt sits down to discuss how her passion for helping others led to the inspiration for her company, Big Lick Boomerang, and how the designated driving company has grown with community support since its startup last year.

Mar 20, 2018

Shawn Nowlin stops by to address the opportunities of being the editor for the Salem Times-Register, the value of hard work versus talent, and how perseverance and cultivating relationships keep him at the top of his game, as he offers tips for success to listeners.

Mar 13, 2018

Mark Bradford shares his love for the Roanoke area, the challenges and joys of being a stay-at-home father, and his gratitude for the outpouring of community support he’s received since debuting his first children’s book, "Moon, Gorgeous Moon."

Mar 6, 2018

This week on Roanoke Podcast For Good, Marie Aprile discusses her lifelong battle with chronic illness, how she’s balanced having MHE with pursuing a career in broadcasting, and what she’s doing to normalize the chronic illnesses that impact so many people around the world.

Feb 27, 2018

This week on Roanoke Podcast For Good, Hal speaks with Anna Semonco. From Marketing Director and Organizational Manager at a manufacturing firm to Executive Director of Ronald McDonald House Charities Southwest Virginia (RMHC SWVA), Anna has worn many hats in her career. Our conversation follows Anna’s 17-year tenure at a manufacturing firm, her delve into the nonprofit world, Ronald McDonald House Charities (which she holds near and dear), her philanthropic soul, her family, and her life in Roanoke.

Feb 20, 2018

This week on Roanoke Podcast For Good, Hal speaks with Sabrina East. Sabrina runs her own small business: Step Into Mystery Roanoke. Step Into Mystery is an event planning service that hosts live action clue games and murder mystery events at public locations. Our conversation with Sabrina today will follow the struggles and triumphs of starting your own small business, balancing full-time work with a side business, working in the caring profession as well as her tips for small business owners.

Feb 13, 2018

This week on Roanoke Podcast for Good, Hal speaks with Aaron Dykstra, Executive Director of The Making Foundation. Propelled forward to share the importance of manufacturing and the skilled trades, Aaron founded The Making Foundation, an after-school enrichment program that teaches hands-on, project-based learning. Prior to running a nonprofit, Aaron built and ran a hugely successful (and award-winning) small business as owner, designer and fabricator for 611 Bicycle Company and Hometown Manufacturing (his bicycles carried an 18-month waiting list!). Our conversation follows Aaron’s journey from decorated Air Force veteran, to small business owner to nonprofit director, dad, partner and passionate tinkerer.

Feb 6, 2018

This week on Roanoke Podcast for Good, Hal speaks with author, entrepreneur, and educator Gary Schoeniger. Gary shows us how to find our purpose and how to take action on the opportunities around us even if we have no traditional advantages at our disposal.

Jan 30, 2018

This week on Roanoke Podcast for Good, Hal speaks with Levi Buck. Levi works as an analyst for Supply Chain Visions, managing small business and economic development. Our conversation will follow the challenges Levi faced with his recent manufacturing supply chain project, successes with ScaleUp and his tips for small business owners.

Jan 23, 2018

This week on Roanoke Podcast for Good, Hal speaks with John Park, the quintessential food evangelist for Southwest Virginia. Our conversation with John follows the growth of his social media brand, his passion for small businesses, developing his food social events: Monday Funday, pub runs and Food Truck Rodeos, advice he has for his past self and a few tips he has for his fellow Roanoke Valley residents and restaurant owners. 

Jan 16, 2018

This week on Roanoke Podcast for Good, Hal speaks with Mike Childress, marketing consultant and founder of Agile Marketing Collective LLC. Our conversation follows Mike’s dive into digital marketing, the lessons he’s taken away from his time in the Army and in working in the corporate world, the importance of empowering and support one another, the influence of his family, the power of God on his path as well as insight and tips for small business owners considering their own marketing strategy.

Jan 9, 2018

This week on Roanoke Podcast for Good, Hal speaks with Christina Garnett, a marketing maven who works with small business owners to take charge of their marketing needs and to create and share their brand. Our conversation follows the importance of community building, finding a tribe, the lightbulb moments that have followed Christina’s career, her side hustle as well as marketing tips for small business owners. We even delve into Christina’s undying love for one platform – Twitter.

Dec 12, 2017

This week on Roanoke Podcast For Good, we talk to Carissa Mulahn, the owner of Mulahn Recruiting. Listen in to find out more about Carissa's journey to small business ownership, Carissa's values and her tips for those on the job hunt.

Nov 21, 2017

Adam Thacker and his wife Brandy have embraced the philosophy that ‘risk is right’ and when you bet on God with big faith, you’ll never regret it. His passion for the people and the area is why he wanted to start Jawbone Hill here in Roanoke. It hasn’t been smooth sailing, though, and persistence and faith have been needed on the journey. Listen in to find out more about their path to get here, Adam’s values and mission, and where the name Jawbone Hill comes from!

Nov 14, 2017

Stephanie Holladay is an educator, an executive, and an anthropologist. Our conversation follows Stephanie as she tells us about her journey as an educator and leader in this space, her brightest moments as a teacher, and what sets Blue Ridge Literacy apart.

Nov 7, 2017

Find out how The Rescue Mission through Lee Clark, the Chief Executive Officer, is transforming lives and how your involvement, in whatever small way, can go a long way in supporting the mission.

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